JNS Weekly Podcast

JNS October 31, 2014—Click here to listen.


Intraoperative computed tomography for intracranial electrode implantation surgery in medically refractory epilepsy.

The natural clinical course of hemodynamically stable adult moyamoya disease.

Myelin-forming cell-specific cadherin-19 is a marker for minimally infiltrative glioblastoma stem-like cells.

Brief Pain Inventory–Facial minimum clinically important difference.

Neuroendoscopic biopsy of brain lesions: accuracy and complications.

Complications of epilepsy surgery in Sweden 1996–2010: a prospective, population-based study.

The results of a third Gamma Knife procedure for recurrent trigeminal neuralgia.

Intraoperative stereotactic injection of Indigo Carmine dye to mark ill-defined tumor margins: a prospective Phase I–II study.

Clinical, radiological, and pathological features in 43 cases of intracranial subependymoma.

In vivo measurement of the frame-based application accuracy of the Neuromate neurosurgical robot.

Moderate and severe traumatic brain injury: effect of blood alcohol concentration on Glasgow Coma Scale score and relation to computed tomography findings.

The endoscopic endonasal approach to the odontoid and its impact on early extubation and feeding.

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