Weekly Podcast

September 24, 2010

Article topics: Historical vignette, and vascular disorders

Weekly Podcast

September 17, 2010

Article topics: Functional neurosurgery; Pitfalls in the publication of scientific literature

Weekly Podcast

September 10, 2010

Article topics: Hydrocephalus and epilepsy

September 2010: Cavernous Malformations, Pathophysiology and Therapeutic Options

Cavernous Malformations

In this podcast, topic editor Dr. Daniel Barrow of Emory University, Atlanta speaks with Dr. Yuan Zhu of the University of Duisburg-Essen, in Essen, Germany. They discuss Dr. Zhu and colleagues’ article “Differential angiogenesis function of CCM2 and CCM3 in cerebral cavernous malformations”.

Weekly Podcast

September 3, 2010

Article topics: Literature review and venous thromboembolism