JNS: Spine Weekly Podcast

JNS: Spine February 25, 2011

Our inaugural weekly podcast for articles published ahead of print for JNS: Spine.

Key words: cervical myelopathy; stenosis; myelopathy; laminoplasty; Odom’s Criteria; Modified JOA; Nurick; posterior cervical fusion; trapezius; innervations; nerve supply; injury; neurosurgery

JNS Weekly Podcast

JNS February 25, 2011

Article topics: Vascular disorders, peripheral nerve, and neurosurgical history

Weekly Podcast

February 18, 2011

Article topics: Vascular disorders and epilepsy

Weekly Podcast

February 11, 2011

Article topics: Hydrocephalus, functional neurosurgery, vascular disorders, oncology, and peripheral nerve

JNS Podcast Archive and iTunes

This week, the American Association of Neurological Surgeons launched their public iTunes U site. This site will now be the primary portal for the Journal of Neurosurgery podcast series (currently Journal of Neurosurgery, Journal of Neurosurgery: Pediatrics and Neurosurgical FocusJournal of Neurosurgery: Spine podcasts will debut later this month). In addition, the site features an “Areas of Concentration” category, with content for many neurosurgical subspecialties. New content will be added continuously, including video content, podcasts from the AANS and the JNS, and the migration of the AANS/SNS Neurosurgical Online Sessions.

With this launch, and the inclusion of our Podcast Archive content in the iTunes U site, the JNS Publishing Group will be removing our separate podcast feed from the iTunes Store, effective February 14, 2011. We encourage subscribers to our podcast through iTunes to transfer their subscriptions to the iTunes U channels, and to check out the other available content there: http://itunes.apple.com/us/institution/aans-american-association/id408873302.

Please note that we are not discontinuing the Podcast Archive as a separate entity. We recognize that not everyone uses iTunes, and we will maintain the same access to podcast content for those who subscribe directly to our feed. Thanks to all for your continued support of our podcast initiative.

Weekly Podcast

February 4, 2011

Article topics: Neurosurgical history and oncology

February 2011: Hypothalamic Hamartoma

Hypothalamic Hamartoma

Topic editor Dr. Harold Rekate of the Barrow Neurological Institute, Phoenix, Arizona, speaks with Dr. Jeffrey Rosenfeld of Monash University, Melbourne, Australia, about Dr. Rosenfeld’s article “The evolution of treatment for hypothalamic hamartoma: a personal odyssey” published in this month’s issue.