JNS Weekly Podcast

JNS March 15, 2013—click here to listen.


A prospective, randomized Phase II clinical trial to evaluate the effect of combined hyperbaric and normobaric hyperoxia on cerebral metabolism, intracranial pressure, oxygen toxicity, and clinical outcome in severe traumatic brain injury. Clinical article.

Incomplete stent apposition in Enterprise stent–mediated coiling of aneurysms: persistence over time and risk of delayed ischemic events. Clinical article.

Recursive grid partitioning on a cortical surface model: an optimized technique for the localization of implanted subdural electrodes. Clinical article.

Complex imaging features of accidental cerebral intraventricular gadolinium administration. Report of 2 cases.

Surgical outcomes in recurrent glioma. Clinical article.

Changes in temporal flow characteristics of CSF in Chiari malformation Type I with and without syringomyelia: implications for theory of syrinx development. Clinical article.


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