JNS: Pediatrics Weekly Podcast

JNS Pediatrics April 12, 2013—click here to listen.


Central nervous system stem cell transplantation for children with neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis. Clinical article.

Safety and diagnostic accuracy of neuroendoscopic biopsies: an international multicenter study. Clinical article.

Delayed intracranial hypertension after cranial vault remodeling for nonsyndromic single-suture synostosis. Clinical article.


JNS: Pediatrics Weekly Podcast

JNS: Spine Weekly Podcast

JNS Weekly Podcast

April 2013: Functional Imaging

Functional Imaging—click here to listen


In this podcast, topic editor Dr. Tejas Sankar  of the University of Alberta, Canada, speaks with Dr. Thomas Picht of Charite-Univeritaetsmedizin Berlin, Germany. They discuss Dr. Picht and colleagues’ article:  “Navigated transcranial magnetic stimulation for mapping the motor cortex in patients with rolandic brain tumors” which appears in this month’s issue. Find this month’s issue of Neurosurgical Focus here.