JNS: Pediatrics Weekly Podcast

JNS: Pediatrics February 8, 2013—click here to listen.


Treating pediatric hydrocephalus in Australia: a 3-year hospital-based cost analysis and comparison with other studies. Clinical article.

Onyx embolization of intracranial arteriovenous malformations in pediatric patients. Clinical article.

Functional outcomes of childhood dorsal rhizotomy in adults and adolescents with cerebral palsy. Clinical article.


JNS: Pediatrics Weekly Podcast

JNS: Spine Weekly Podcast

February 2013: Low-Grade Gliomas

Low-Grade Gliomas


In this podcast, topic editor Dr. Bob Carter of UC San Diego, San Diego, California speaks with Dr. Daniel Cahill of Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts. They discuss Dr. Cahill and colleagues’ paper:  “Molecular genetics of low-grade gliomas: genomic alterations guiding diagnosis and therapeutic intervention. 11th Annual Frye-Halloran Brain Tumor Symposium Meeting Report ,” which appears in this month’s issue. Find this month’s issue of Neurosurgical Focus here.

JNS Weekly Podcast